mike wolfman

Dallas Observer 2016

North Texas Comic Book Show

By Merritt Martin

The North Texas Comic Book Show is a quarterly event that will take place from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, July 9, at Doubletree Dallas Hotel, 2015 Market Center Blvd. If there’s a word to describe it, it’s “intimate,” according to artists James O’Barr and Arvell Jones, who’ve discussed how at this show, they’re able to really talk to fans and get to know them. Mike Wolfman of Unearthly Comics says it reminds him of shows “when [he] was a child,” which is high praise given the gargantuan “sharp elbow cons” you find yourself in more often than not. This show features not only rows, boxes, board and bags galore (some comics as low as a dollar), but also special guests like movie-monster master-painter Basil Gogos; former Marvel Comics editor and artist Carl Potts, who will participate in a panel on visual storytelling; artist Larry Stroman; former Marvel and DC inker Doug Hazelwood; Corcid Cosplay; and more. Cosplay also gets two dedicated panels as well as contests for adults and kiddos. Admission is only $10, and kids 11 and younger get in free. For more details on guests and schedules, visit comicbooksdallas.com.



The Design, Painting and Jewelry Exhibit and Reception will showcase works created this year in 2D, digital and 3D design classes, as well as our Painting and Jewelry studio classes. In addition to showcasing these artworks, the Sequential Art class has collaborated with Keith Colvin, owner of Keith’s Comics and Mike Wolfman from Unearthly Comics Publishing to create Vision Ink Magazine #1. The publication of Vision Ink Magazine #1 effects the comic book industry greatly, with its portrayal of young fresh ideas, it gives insight to what the younger generation is interested in.